VMC project is a part of VM Carpet, the biggest carpet manufacturer in Finland.

45 years know-how of materials and carpets

Aila and Arto Viita-aho established the Viita-aho textile rug factory in Karvala village at Lappajärvi in 1973. Their skills have been passed on to new generations as the Viita-aho family cherishes its unique heritage.

For the founder, Arto Viita-aho, the rug factory was a place for innovation and new ideas. Humane values, inventiveness, Ostrobothnian honesty and friendliness combined with innovation are all part of the attitude behind the company’s current know-how. This has resulted in the creation of a modern Finnish rug factory with a strong expertise in contract furnishing.

VMC Project stems from a desire to provide beautiful VM Carpet rugs for project-oriented clients. VMC Project serves interior designers in their projects and finds solutions for various rug-related needs, acoustics problems and demanding spaces.

Our collection consists of high-quality wall-to-wall carpets, textile tiles and fitted rugs.

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