Our core values for life are steadily interwoven into the way we work and operate. Humanity, inventiveness and our honest and friendly Ostrobothnian attitude have been a key part of our operations right from the start. Our employees are part of our family. Our whole organisation lives and breathes quality, service and seamless cooperation.

Sustainable development and ecology

VM-Carpet strives to operate in ways that are as environmentally friendly as possible. We use any waste pieces left over from production for our own operations as far as possible and if there is anything left, it is used as waste-to-energy fuel in Korsholm near Vaasa. The electricity used by the company is produced with renewable resources.

We have chosen all our partners carefully to make sure they share our values: sustainable development and environmentally friendly operations. We strive to organise our material procurement in a way that makes sense logistically, as far as possible, prioritising joint transport from all over Europe.All our rugs, carpets and carpet tiles are made from the best materials in the world. They withstand time and wear.Almost all our rugs and carpets have the Key Flag Symbol, which signifies ‘madein Finland’, or numerous environmental certificates known all over the world.


We are proud of our work!

We take responsibility for our actions. We will give you our honest opinion on the best solution for your projectand will take pride in the end result. Read about our references here.

We manufacture our products in Finland at our own factory. We have the Key Flag Symbol (signifying ‘made in Finland’), Design From Finland, ReliablePartner and the Strongest in Finland Platinum certificates. We are worthy of your trust.

Our work is guided by our respect for natureand ecological choices.We use 100% carbon-neutral electricity in all our production. We take the environment into account in both our big decisions and everyday choices. Read more about our corporate responsibility.

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Quality control

We produce products at our own factory in Finland. We have a Key Flag, Design from Finland, Reliable Partner and Strongest in Finland Platinum certificates. We are worth your trust.  


We work ecologically and honouring the nature. We use 100% climate neutral water and solar energy in our production. We make big decisions and small everyday choices honouríng the nature. Read more about our responsibility.